Luxury Gift Box
Gift your dad this luxury gift box having all of his favorite things! Details: Wallet Axe Body Wash Gillet Shave Foam Nike Man Deodorant Greeting Card--Gift your dad this luxury gift box having all of his favorite things! Details: Wallet...
Blue Care Box
Surprise your dad with the right treatment he deserves this Father?s Day. Grab this incredible Blue Care gift box and greet your coolest daddy with Express Oye. Details: Nivea Deodorant Nivea Antiperspirant Mug Chocolates x 4 Greeting Card--Surprise your dad...
Super Hero Gift Box
It?s the right time to let your dad know how much he has done for you. Gift this exclusive Super Hero gift box to your super dad and see how much he smiles. Details: Denim Deodorant Mug Lifebuoy Hand Spray...
Black Beard Man Box
Let?s celebrate this Father?s Day in a style by gifting this stunning Black gift box full of unique things. Details: Leather Wallet Axe Deodorant Beard Oil Chocolates x 4 Greeting Card--Let?s celebrate this Father?s Day in a style by gifting...
Meray Abu Hero Box
It?s the time of the year to show how much you love your Abu. Express Oye brings a premium Father?s Day gift box for your Abu! Details: Axe Deodorant Mug Beard Oil Digital Counter Chocolates x 3 Greeting Card--It?s the...
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Traditional Gift Basket
Revive traditions this Eid with our exclusively designed Eid gift baskets for her having Eid essentials! Items Included: Bangles Henna Nail Polish Nivea Cream Chocolate ? 2 Mars Cage Ear Rings--Revive traditions this Eid with our exclusively designed Eid gift...
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Special Eid Gift Basket
Make your friends and family feel special this socially distanced Eid by grabbing this beautifully made Eid gift basket. Items Included: Teddy Bear Splash ? Body Luxuries Henna Bangles Chocolate ? Snickers Nail Polish Ear Rings Cage Chocolates ? Ferry...
Pamper Your Man
It?s time to adore your man! Let?s make him feel special this Eid by sending our exclusively designed skincare gift box for him. Items Included: Wallet Hair Gel Deodorant Garnier Facewash Nivea (Anti-Perspirant)--It?s time to adore your man! Let?s make...
Salute Mom
Salute Mom
"This Mother?s Day gift box is filled with love for your Mom. Cherish her sacrifices by gifting this exclusively designed gift box. Items Included: Mug Digital Card Scented Candle Chocolates ? 8 Cage Travel Kit "--"This Mother?s Day gift box...
Mama Gift Box
"Our Mama works day & night for us. It?s time to bring a big smile on her face by sending this exclusive Mother?s Day gift box. Items Included: Mug Nivea Hand Cream Scented Candle Chocolates - 10 Cage "--"Our Mama...
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Mom's Skincare Pot
"Here comes the skincare gift basket that not only expresses your love but also takes care of your Mom! Items Included: Foot Cream Aloe Vera Gel Garnier Pure Charcoal Tissue Mask Natural Flower Facial Mask Cosmetic Tool Digital Tasbeeh"--"Here comes...
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Oye! Boy, You're Mine!
He is yours and only yours! Gift him this adorable basket to remind him, something?s to show him how much you truly care for him. Items Included: 4 Snickers 1 Danisa 2 MnMs 13 Ferry Rose 10 Chocolate coins 30...
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Bride Tribe Bucket
If you are a part of the bride tribe, the bride?s happiness is your utmost priority. Multiply it with this adorable bridal shower basket! Items Included: 5 Orient 11 Ferry rose 1 Mars bar 1 Snickers bar 1 MnM Props...
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All About Him
When he is the one for you and you can?t put it into words, express your feelings with this basket made just for him! Items Included: Wooden frame Lays Axe body spray Danisa 7 Orient chocolates Biscotto --When he is...
Love Jar for Her
She is the silver lining in those grey clouds, your calm amidst storms. Let her know how special she is to you with this adorable stained glass jar filled with chocolates. Items Included: Orient Ferry Rose Props Total 21 chocolates...
Pink Blooms
Pink Blooms
A gorgeous overdose of flowers pink, and the most important thing chocolate! Just a little gift for someone close to your heart. Items Included: Flower Arrangement 7 Orient 4 Ferry Rose --A gorgeous overdose of flowers pink, and the most...
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Celebration Jar
Be it small or big, if it calls for a celebration don?t hesitate to go all out. Get this cute celebration jar filled with mini pops of joy! Items Included: 15 Chocolate coins 15 Ferry Rose Props --Be it small...
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